A tech copywriter with a background in journalism, Rachele has been working across sales, marketing and communication over the last 7 years. Passionate about technology, Rachele is helping the Quixxi Security team leverage any communication via blogs and social media and address the right message to the right community.

protect your mobile app

How to protect your mobile app and your phone

Some of the most popular security options for your smarthphone 2017 marks ten years since Apple released the iPhone, changing the landscape of technology in ways none of us could have anticipated. Since then, the way we communicate and stay entertained has been completely revolutionised. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been created around the…

hotel hackers

Hotel Hackers: a worrying trend

Hotel Hackers: a worrying trend In recent times, large hotel chains including the Marriott, the Hyatt and the Intercontinental have been subjected to attacks from hackers. The result has been payment/credit card data from thousands of food, drink and other transactions being compromised. Hotels have long offered safes for guests to store their passports, jewellery…