A tech copywriter with a background in journalism, Rachele has been working across sales, marketing and communication over the last 7 years. Passionate about technology, Rachele is helping the Quixxi Security team leverage any communication via blogs and social media and address the right message to the right community.

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Touchdown in Germany! MUST – The Munich Summit

It’s been a great start to the year for Quixxi. We were recently awarded “Best Mobile and Cybersecurity Product and Service” at the IAMAI Digital Awards, and after ending up as finalists at BlockShow Asia’s ICOscar awards, we are now ready for a new challenge. Quixxi has been selected to participate as one of 120 start-ups from 23 countries in MUST – The…

Quixxi is an intelligent and integrated end-to-end mobile app security solution​. This powerful tool is for developers to protect and monitor any mobile app in minutes.​

A desperate need of Cybersecurity

After WannaCry, it seems new dangers are just around the corner We have been discussing about the WannaCry virus and how it took nearly 300,000 computers hostage in the recent months. The havoc it caused was massive. When you thought it was all over, new hackers who call themselves RavenCrew, breached and stole the customer…

Quixxi is an intelligent and integrated end-to-end mobile app security solution​.

How safe is your mobile and online information?

You lock your house to secure your physical possessions, but how safe is what you own in the digital world? How many elements of your life do you manage online nowadays? Your business interactions, your personal insurance information, your driver’s licence and your car registration. Plus, of course, almost every dollar that you own is…